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 Trekking guide association of Nepal is organizing following Programs:
Orientation class about responsible tourism of Nepal by 18th Sep to 21th Sep 2013. 

Venue: Hotel Choice Thamel,Opposit of Karmachari Sanchaya kos.
Time: 7 to 10 AM Every day.
Each Class 50 students.
Resource Person: Mr. Raj Gyawali ( Director Social Tours)
Mr.Dil Kumar Rai (General Secretary TGAN) 
Entry Fee: Rs. 350.00
-Tea/coffee cookies,Drinking water
-Hands out
First come first priority.Registration is opening.This class is only for TGAN"s members,
for details: 9841314929,9841575198,9803032350,9841013922

Closing Ceremony: 22 September (Aswin 6,Sunday 2070)
Venue: Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, Kamaladi.
Time; 10 AM

September 17: Interaction Program with TAAN,NTB,NMA and Nepal Government regarding TGAN's Issues.
 Recent Issues of TGAN towards the Nepal Government:-
1) should be mentioned name and license no. of trekking guide with his name of company on permit and TIMS while preparing them).
2) License should be valid under the tourism act while checking it in the check post, if anybody find without license should get back to him and punishment with regards to this Act and home ministry should be responsible for it).
3) To fairly checking process and transference it, perform a monitoring committee under Nepal government with its stake holders with TGAN)
4) Trekking Guide license should not be value only in the field, its most keep value for further essential places as well)
5) Should be reject duplicate and unclear license while checking and punishment to them capturing their license immediately)
Should be priority to member of NMA license holder guide as trekking guide license)
6) Should be grading to trekking guides on the basis of new and old as per their license no.)
7) To control and upgrade trekking guides training should be limit them and as maximum 500 person per year or one time with in 5 years and course designed with regards to TGAN)
The value of TGAN’s membership ID card should be equivalent with Trekking Guide License)
9) should be punish to trekking guide with regards to law capturing his license who involve in social crime with junk and without junk foods)
10) Who try to cheat to tourist giving wrong information should be punish like that guides)
11) Should be determine the liabilities and responsibilities of Immigration and TGAN)
12) Should be consistency to make fix rule and regulation between trekking guide and his company)
13) Should be fix the rate/cost for foreigners/trekkers regarding to the trekking region of Nepal by Nepal government and fix the daily wages/allowances/facilities for trekking guide and field staffs under this ratio))
14)Should be determine ascertained liabilities and duties between TURGAN and TGAN keeping positive consistency)
15)Should be establish a welfare provision fund according to the labor Act 2054 chapter-6 under TGAN and to run this fund collect 2% of amount annually from TIMS)
16) With regards to chapter-7 no.48(c) of this act, the incidental insurance of guides should be eight lakh and the copy of documents is with guide while in the trekking)
17) Each trekking guide continue work up to 15 years and then if he wants to leave his job due to various causes, government should manage especial gratuity for them)
18) To secure job/ business of guides, businessman and expansion in tourism of Nepal should be develop a tourism labor act by the government)
19) Should be cooperation and collaboration between TAAN and TGAN)

Karna Bdr Ghale.
President (TGAN)

The founder member and current Vice President of Trekking Guide Association of Nepal and managing Director of Himalayan Alpine Adventure Trek and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Tshering  Dorje Sherpa resident of Chheskam -02 Mamerku Solukhumbu Nepal has climbed the highest mountain in the world Mt. Everest on May 09th 2011 with the banner of Trekking Guide Association Nepal.

Trekking Guide Association of Nepal (TGAN) is established with approval from Government of Nepal as a non-profit making social organization, with an objective of uplifting and supporting economic, social, educational, and professional capabilities of all trekking guides working in Nepal. TGAN is established with the consent and approval of Kathmandu District Development Committee, Nepal Tourism Development Board ,  Ministry of Tourism of Nepal and Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN) which is the only legal entity and umbrella association for all Trekking entrepreneurs of Nepal.

TGAN believes that all trekking guides in Nepal have contributed to national development till date without any help and support of Government or any specialist organization. They have been operating only with with mere personal effort, dedication, labour and investment. Trekking guides of Nepal have been working with multidimensional exposure. They work sometimes as Team Leader of whole trekking team, sometimes as manager for the same team and sometimes as specialist, translator or just a route guide.