About Us - Trekking Guide Association of Nepal

About Us

Trekking Guide Association of Nepal (TGAN) is non-profitable and non-political organization of Trekking Guides of Nepal. This organization is formed by professional license holder Trekking Guides from Nepal government and; formally registered in 18th March, Friday 2011 (2067/12/13 BS) under the Nepal government NGO Act 2034 in District Administrative office Kathmandu, Nepal; with recommendation of  Nepal Government Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and District Development committee of Kathmandu. Register No: 878/067/068 and Affiliation with Nepal Government Social Welfare Council No: 32335, Permanent Account No. (PAN card No.305036715). Nepalese Trekking Guides are not only path finder, they are the part of non paid ambassadors for the foreigners of the world who want to get original information visiting or doing trekking in Nepal. They are the major responsible person for the field work management. So, to develop the tourism in Nepal connecting to the world providing essential training to Trekking Guides and upgrading their skill and knowledge under the international standard’s training and education morality is main goal of this organization.

Main objectives:

  • To promote and development in tourism sector with its attendances.
  • To preserve the cultural values and respect it’s philosophy.
  • To patronize public wealth environment, human rights and develop creative activities in the society.
  • To unify trekking guides and solve their problems with in related sectors.
  • To develop social and economic activities in tourism area unify the related people and similar organizations.
  • To develop the system of Trekking Guides license or certificates under the rules and regulation of Tourism Act 2053.
  • To develop personality and capacity buildings for Trekking Guides giving essential training in the related field.
  • To warranty the profession of trekking Guides under the rules and regulation of Tourism Act 2053.
  • To expansion in the tourism sector and support to Trekking Guides and their profession by establishing various types of Co-operative funds.
  • To sustain the Trekking Guides profession by opening the various types of training centers like Tourism school, First Aid training center, language classes, Climbing training and others.
  • To search the new trekking routes for trekking in Nepal and provides the well information to promote tourism in Nepal for trekking agencies and help them whenever is necessary.