Kale Sherpa (Pinasa) treasurer – Trekking Guide Association of Nepal

Kale Sherpa (Pinasa) treasurer

  • Address:Kumarigal-7, Boudha, Kathmandu
  • Designation:TREASURER
  • Date of Birth:1971-04-28
  • Blood Group:B+


Kale Sherpa Pinasa is the treasurer of Trekking guide association (TGAN) which works for the rights and better future of trekking guide. 10 years has pasted since he had first joined and is still continuing his duty to empower guides for this association. His 10 years devotion has made a lot of progress in this association. Before he had joined this association he was a trekking guide himself and is still doing his job as a lead guide for OneSeed Expedition until date.

According to Kale,”The economy of our country has relied a lot on tourism industry and will flourish if the tourism of our country is improved. “Lastly he always beliefs in the motto that we should always dream big to achieve greater.



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