Mr. Jangbu sherpa ,acting President - Trekking Guide Association of Nepal

Mr. Jangbu sherpa ,acting President

  • Designation:President



  • *Founder General Secretary of Trekking Guide Association of Nepal (TGAN)-27th March 2011 and working as President since 2013 AD to up to date.
  • Other Social Activities:
  • *Editor and Coordinator: GUIDE NEPAL, Magazine (Mouth piece of Trekking Guide Association of Nepal) up to date.
  • *Editor and coordinator: ARUN SUSELI, Magazine (Mouth piece of Sangkhuwasabha Gurung society) up to date.
  • *Adviser of (Sangkhuwasabha Gurung Society, Kathmandu)-2016 to up to date.
  • *Board member of (Sangkhuwasabha Gurung Society, Kathmandu)-7thAug 2010 to 10th Aug 2014.
  • *Founder Chairperson of (Gurung Student society, Central committee, Kathmandu)-6th Feb 2002 to 15th March 2006.
  • *President: (Indigenous student society)-7th Sep 1095 to 5th Oct 1998.
  • *General secretary of Rodhin Pariwar ( Gurung’s heritage youth club)-4th Sep 1992 to 10th Oct 1994.

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