Rise of Tourism after COVID-19  - Trekking Guide Association of Nepal

Rise of Tourism after COVID-19 

Trekking Guide Association of Nepal (TGAN) is a Nonprofit association that believes Trekking Guides an unpaid ambassadors rather than just a trail finders for travellers visiting or trekking in Nepal. This organization’s principal objective is to develop tourism in Nepal by connecting it to the rest of the world by delivering required training to trekking guides and enhancing their knowledge and expertise in accordance with international training and education morality standards.

Tourism has the ability to create jobs, boost income-generating enterprises, and contribute to the development of infrastructure. In Nepal, tourism has improved the socio-economic situation of the people and provided them with several opportunities to improve their life. However, tourism has suffered unprecedented setbacks as a consequence of COVID-19, and its effects can be observed on economic growth. It has resulted in the unemployment of millions of people, as well as the freezing of large investments that are unable to produce business and move the economy. Three-quarters of tourism workers work in informal jobs, leaving them without protection and income while the industry grinds to a halt. According to reports, over 1,26,000 tourists visited Nepal in 2021. Although the figures are still low, the monthly increase in the number of tourists has boosted the expectations of many tourism employees. Post COVID-19 has left people with a message that people need to start appreciating the nature around them and travel as much as possible.

According to NTB rules and regulations, they have set up a safety protocol as protection measures to support the tourism industry. With the goal of assisting the tourism industry, TGAN has been organizing training sessions for trekking guides to acquaint them with the NTB protocol. They have also been holding various retraining courses to help trekking guides recollect their safety and rescue procedures to be used while on the field. Trekking guides have expressed very positive feedback on the increase in tourists, and they claim to be excited to begin the upcoming trekking season.